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What is BodySculpture?

BodySculpture is a minimally invasive technique that sculpts and contours your body into a more sleek and desirable form by removing unwanted areas of excess fatty tissue using small syringes or small cannulas using local tumescent anesthesia.  The results translate into a more youthful and contoured physique with high patient satisfaction.

How is it different than liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that improves the contour of the body by removing excess fat deposits using a cannula attached to a suction pump, creating tunnels through the fat.  Liposuction is more likely to create excessive fat removal, dimpling skin, ridges, and damage to the deep dermis.

What is local tumescent anesthesia?

The tumescent technique for local involves the injection of the large volumes of diluted local anesthetic fluid into the fat beneath the skin, causing the area to become swollen and firm.  This technique eliminates the need for general anesthesia and also eliminated the bleeding associated with traditional surgery.  The tumescent technique results in a procedure that is less painful, safe, with minimal post-procedural recovery time and superior cosmetic results.

Is BodySculpture safe?  Have there been any adverse events related to tumescent BodySculpture by local tumescent anesthesia?

No.  Virtually all adverse events associated with BodySculpture or liposuction have been associated with: 1)multiple surgeries performed on the same day; 2)excessive amounts of fat removed during liposuction; 3)use of general anesthesia or IV sedation using narcotics.  BodySculpture is an extremely safe procedure because the patient is not exposed to excessive sedation, and the surgical trauma associated with a suction device.

What areas can be treated?

Some of the most common body areas treated include:  abdomen, inner and outer thighs, waist, back or flank area, upper arms, buttocks, breasts, face, and neck, although virtually any area can be treated.  At your consultation, the physician will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to sculpt your body to your desired result.

How quickly can I see results?

Most patients will see most of their results within one month post procedure; it may take up to four months to appreciate the final result.  For the first few weeks after the procedure, patients experience swelling, which can be alleviated using the Synergie treatments.

Is BodySculpture permanent?

The body’s shape and contour following BodySculpture is permanent for the most part.  Fat cells that are removed by BodySculpture do not grow back.  As long as you do not gain excessive weight, the shape and contour is permanent.  If you gain weight after BodySculpture, the figure will be a larger version of the new shape.  Although one can expect some changes with aging, as long as there is no weight gain, the result is permanent.

Does the fat come back in other areas after BodySculpture?

Fat accumulates based on the number of fat cells concentrated in a particular body area.  Areas where fat cells were removed will gather less fat than areas that have not been treated.

Does BodySculpture remove cellulite or sagging skin?

While BodySculpture improves the contour of the body, it is unlikely to experience a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite or in skin laxity or texture.

What are the side effects associated with BodySculpture procedure?

Any BodySculpture procedure involves the risk of bleeding, scarring, or infection.  However, tumescent BodySculpture has a remarkably good safety record.  Some lesser side effects include skin irregularities and scarring.  Patients can greatly minimize the risks of side effects by adhering to pre and post procedural instructions.

What can I expect during the procedure?

The procedure lasts approximately two hours.  In addition to the tumescent anesthesia, you will be given oral medication.  You will be awake, but relaxed during the procedure.  Most patients feel slight pressure during the procedure.  After the procedure, you will be swollen and will experience drainage of the tumescent fluid.  Most patients return to regular activities within three days of treatment.

Why are elastic compression garments necessary?

Elastic compression garments are necessary in order to reduce swelling.  The garment assists in “squeezing” out the post treatment local anesthetic solution remaining in the treated areas.  The removal of this fluid is critical to prevent bruising, swelling, and soreness.

Why are Synergie treatments recommended after BodySculpture?

Lymphatic massage treatments promote faster healing, lymphatic drainage (which decreases swelling), and smoother results.

What are the alternatives to BodySculpture treatment?

BodySculpture is not a required medical treatment.  Alternative treatments to BodySculpture include diet and exercise, abdominoplasty, mesotherapy, light-based body contouring treatments, or no treatment at all.