Out Of Town Patients

Liposculpture is easy—even for patients who live out of town.

Our office has several patients who drive or fly in for their procedure.

Does Dr. Milstein treat out of town patients?

Yes. Domestic and international patients are welcome. Follow up appointments are at your convenience and are not required. Our office has fluent English, Spanish and Armenian speaking staff.

Do I need a consultation first?

YES. Dr Milstein can do a SKYPE consultation before your procedure, please contact our office to schedule. On the day of surgery our staff will spend extra time with you immediately before the procedure begins to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered. You may also email pictures of the areas you would like treated along with your basic medical history to our office.

Do I need to know exactly what areas I want treated before arriving?

No. We always leave extra time for our out of town patients in case they decide to add on additional areas. You will be charged for any additional areas on the day of the procedure and you will be fully refunded for any areas that are not treated. Be aware that adding on additional areas can cause you to need to change your travel plans since the number of areas you can have treated as an out of town patient depends on whether or not you are traveling with a companion as well as your required return date. Read below for more information.

How do I get to your office?

The decision to rent a car or take a taxi is a personal one. Remember, if you have more than 3 areas treated, you cannot drive yourself after your procedure. Round trip taxi service from the airport to our center and back costs approximately $80. We can arrange a taxi back to the airport or your hotel after your procedure is finished. Do not plan on taking the public bus.

What is the closest airport?

The closest airports are Burbank and LAX.

What hotel should I choose?

The decision of what hotel to choose depends on your budget

NOTE: If you are staying at a hotel, be aware that extra cleaning fees may apply if you stain the sheets, towels or mattress with fluid drainage. Our office will send you home with blue protective pads for your hotel bed, however we suggest that you bring an old towel with you for added protection.

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

Due to the unpredictable nature of travel, please plan your flight schedule so that you arrive several hours or the day before your appointment. Our procedure schedule is set in advance and we cannot accommodate patients who do not arrive on time for their appointment. Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Do I need to bring anything or purchase supplies before my procedure?

Yes. Please download and read the pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions before arriving.

Are follow up appointments required?

Follow up appointments for our out of town patients are not required. Our office will stay in contact with you over the phone and you can schedule a follow up appointment any time your travels take you back.

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