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Abs + Love Handles + Flanks + Arms + Thighs

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, helping to remove stubborn fat resistant to normal diet and exercise. The most common areas targeted include the abdominals, love handles, flanks, bra area, arms, thighs, and even chin and neck. Liposuction can also be used in conjunction with fat transfer to the buttocks and the breasts. Dr. Batal employs light sedation that allows patients to be awake and talking during the procedure. Most liposuction procedures last just a few hours, and patients will be home and recovering the same day.

Before and After Photos


Weight gain, especially as you get older or after child birth, can increase the size and volume of fat cells in the stomach, sides, arms, buttocks, and even in the neck and chin areas. Liposuction can not only reduce the volume of fat in these areas, but can reduce the overall number of fat cells. The resulting changes are usually permanent with proper diet and exercise. However, liposuction alone cannot remove cellulite dimpling or stretch marks.


A minimum of 5-7 days of downtime is needed for the initial recovery from liposuction depending on the area and scope and scale of the procedure. A follow-up is required after a week to remove any drains and exterior sutures as well as to check on the overall healing process. Patients will be required to wear compression garments 24/7 for the first few days to reduce swelling and promote healing. Mild to moderate bruising will also be noticeable for the first 1-2 weeks. Most patients can return to work in as little as 7-10 days after liposuction.

BATAL: “This patient is a 25 year old who received liposuction with a helium plasma of the abdomen, love handles and flanks along with the bra fat. You can see the beautiful contraction of the skin and the abdominal folds and also the three folds in the back and the significant contrast between the abdomen and the hips and also between the back and the buttock. This part of the lower love handles and flanks is often neglected by most sculpting surgeons. Leaving that part undone will lead to shortening of the torso and elongation of the buttock. Therefore, I trim that part which give a long torso with magnificent contrast between the torso and the buttocks and also the hip. This result is about ten month after surgery, which also expect to mature further more in the next couple of years. Thank you.”